About Inside Joke Productions

Inside Joke Productions is a comedy booking agency out of Ohio that believes in the hands on approach. It's the personal aspect of our business that makes us better than the rest. We are involved in all aspects of making the shows successful, and making our clients happy. Instead of simply booking the acts and letting the rooms survive or fail on their own (as most bookers do), we do everything within our power to insure that they are successful. Our goal is to provide the best entertainment in the business at the best price, while providing the comics with great venues in which to perform. We handle advertising, booking, and performing, as well as setting up press releases and in many cases running the shows. We are all about success - not our own individual financial gain. We have dozens of rooms currently running in more than seven different states, and new clients come on line every day. We are constantly looking for new venues, as long as they do not compete with existing comedy clubs or comedy nights. We are here to better the comedy world, for everyone in the business. We are the fastest growing comedy booking agency in the United States - and we're not about to stop! Come be a part of a winning team!