What Will Inside Joke Productions Do For US

In addition to providing two different comics for each show that you have, Inside Joke Productions will provide your venue with headshots and biography information so you can advertise each show. All agencies will provide you that. But in addition, Inside Joke Productions will create, design, and provide the actual flyers for you (significantly reducing your workload). We will provide you a flyer for your current show, your next week's show, and, if you are doing once a week shows, we will also provide a six week flyer so you can start to advertise your upcoming shows weeks in advance! We also send press releases to all your local newspapers (see if any OTHER agent will do THAT!) and show up to your opening night to make sure everything runs smooth! We are there every step of the way, and even provide a 1-800 number with 24 hour access, that you can contact in case of any problems along the way! We are completely hands on, and would never send a performer that we didn't trust. In fact, all performers that we have not seen live; we spend hours reviewing the tapes and promotional materials of, so that we only bring you the best performers working today. If you need a cleaner show for a particular evening, we can cater the show for that. If you need a bigger name performer due to a special occasion, we can do that too. We have literally THOUSANDS of comics who work for us, if there is someone you specifically want - let us know! Compare what any other agent provides with what we provide - and check their costs. As we said before, we provide the (and many times better) performers into your very own venue, and help in every step to make your show a success - for less than the other agents. If someone offers you a better price, watch out! They probably aren't providing top of the line, professional comedians! Inside Joke Productions - providing Big City Entertainment to Small Town, USA... at a price that anyone can afford!!!