Why Inside Joke Productions

Inside Joke Productions can do the same for you as any larger agency at a fraction of the cost. Not only that, but we do more! When the other agencies are through, WE are just getting started! As professionals in the business, we have seen the way comedy works on both sides of the microphone. We have booked successful shows in several states, many of the garnering hundreds, even thousands in revenue a night! As a performer, I have performed in nearly all of the states in the country (as well as cruise ships and islands) logging over 5,000 shows in 12 years. We are more interested in establishing solid, well produced comedy nights in venues where the owners are happy and financially satisfied. We want to establish venues where everyone is happy- venue, agency, and performers. Where other agencies have hidden costs, franchise fees, and ridiculous amounts of commission, Inside Joke Productions lets you know up front exactly what you are getting into, and exactly how much you will have to pay. We also don't force you to sign long, complicated exclusive contracts - We are so convinced that Inside Joke Productions is the agency for you, and we are so convinced that the shows will be successful, that you can get out of your contract at any time, just by giving us a three week notice! No high pressure, no extended obligations. After all, if your comedy night is a success it will be a success for everyone involved. We've even worked in the offices of successful comedy clubs, handling the vast myriad of issues involved in running a club successfully. This included promotions, advertising, budgets, profit margins, even details that seem as mundane as table placement for maximum show potential. It all makes a difference!

We at Inside Joke Productions would like to set up a meeting with your entertainment director to discuss the exciting idea of comedy in your establishment and answer any questions that you may have. We will work with you, and customize the show to fit your desires. All it takes is desire to be different, a desire to support the arts, and a desire to make money. Now THAT'S nothing to laugh at!