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Until the Blood Begins to Flow

Until the Blood Begins to FlowAVAILABLE FOR PRE-ORDER NOW!
The explosive new novel about a high school principal with the power to bring his dreams to life. Not for the squeamish, this novel is a bloody good time!

My Dark Itch: Confessions of a Killer Comedian

My Dark Itch: Confessions of a Killer Comedian“My Dark Itch: Confessions of a Killer Comedian” is the fictional autobiography of a stand-up comedian turned cold-blooded serial killer. This sprawling tale takes the reader on a journey from his tortured upbringing, his adventures in the entertainment world, his near-death experiences and his ultimate turn to the dark side. From the seedy shadows of basement night clubs to the dazzling brightness of fame’s spotlight, from tragedy to triumph, his life is deconstructed and examined, warts and all. Both deadly serious and at times uproariously comical, in its heart this is a tale of terror that teases provocative questions with no easy answers. Are some people worth redemption? Do they even want it? What matters most once black and white blurs into grey?

“ ‘My Dark Itch’ by Steve Sabo is one hell of a good read.”
“I couldn’t wait to sink my teeth into this killer novel!”*
--Jeffrey Dahmer
“You’d be crazy not to pick this one up!”*
--Charles Manson
“No clowning around—this book is fantastic!”*
--John Wayne Gacy

*100% fabricated. Not a real quote.

Kayla's Gone

Kayla's Gone Solid writing that never drops the ball. I cannot recommend Kaylas Gone strongly enough.

Morgan LaFlare returns from work to find her fourteen year old daughter, Kayla, missing. The police are convinced that her daughter ran away. Her gut tells her otherwise.
The only one she can turn to is Mark Spence, the former top secret government agent who murdered her ex-boyfriend. Mark, she finds, is facing his own demons. He wants free of his secret agent life, and he is not sure he can make it out alive.
Together they seek the truth, and quickly learn that there is far more going on than a simple missing persons case. The daughter she raised is not the same person the rest of the world knew. Kayla led a secret life, one of darkness, torment, and heartbreak. It was a life Morgan knew nothing about, and it soon becomes apparent that she could be in serious danger.
All Morgan wants is to bring her daughter home safely, but what if it is too late?
Kaylas Gone is a powerful thriller about the secrets children keep from their parents, the covert lives they lead, and the pain they keep buried deep down inside. Monsters are real, and wear the faces of your neighbors, friends and the people you trust most. When everything you know turns out to be a lie, what can you truly believe?

How to FAIL at Stand-Up Comedy

How to FAIL at Stand-Up ComedyJUST RELEASED! Avoiding the pitfalls that kill a comics career. Part instruction manual, part memoir and part cautionary tale, this book is a hilarious and heartbreaking exploration of a 30 year career in comedy. It is a must read for anyone contemplating a life in comedy.

Jester's Run

Jester's RunMy debut novel!

Joey King is a road weary stand-up comedian going nowhere fast in his career. When he meets a beautiful mysterious blond, his luck begins to change for the worst! She is murdered right before his eyes, and he unwittingly gets infected with a dangerous and highly contagious pathogen. Joey goes on the run, setting up a deadly cat and mouse game with the government agents commissioned to bring him in. Can they find him in time to prevent a worldwide pandemic? A contemporary thriller with sci-fi/horror elements, this novel will keep readers on the edge of their seats all the way to its car crash of a conclusion.

trade paperback

Contains graphic content not for children

Peter Meter

Peter Meter"Finally, a penis enlargement kit for the financially challenged! Why spend hundreds of dollars on pills, or thousands of dollars on surgery, when you can get the same effect with a glow in the dark ruler that is truly only 2/3 scale? Finally-- be the man that you always wished you were!"