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How to FAIL at Stand-Up Comedy

How to FAIL at Stand-Up ComedyJUST RELEASED! Avoiding the pitfalls that kill a comics career. Part instruction manual, part memoir and part cautionary tale, this book is a hilarious and heartbreaking exploration of a 30 year career in comedy. It is a must read for anyone contemplating a life in comedy.

Jester's Run

Jester's RunMy debut novel!

Joey King is a road weary stand-up comedian going nowhere fast in his career. When he meets a beautiful mysterious blond, his luck begins to change for the worst! She is murdered right before his eyes, and he unwittingly gets infected with a dangerous and highly contagious pathogen. Joey goes on the run, setting up a deadly cat and mouse game with the government agents commissioned to bring him in. Can they find him in time to prevent a worldwide pandemic? A contemporary thriller with sci-fi/horror elements, this novel will keep readers on the edge of their seats all the way to its car crash of a conclusion.

trade paperback, 324 pages.

Contains graphic content not for children

Peter Meter

Peter Meter"Finally, a penis enlargement kit for the financially challenged! Why spend hundreds of dollars on pills, or thousands of dollars on surgery, when you can get the same effect with a glow in the dark ruler that is truly only 2/3 scale? Finally-- be the man that you always wished you were!"