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Audio CDs and Dvd

Somewhere Between Five and Seven

Somewhere Between Five and SevenTHE NEW CD IS AVAILABLE NOW!!
According to "The Serious Comedy Site:" a solid album by a biographical comic who has something interesting and funny to say. Whereas most comics stick with a particular style and persona, Sabo evolves."
This new CD includes crowd favorite tracks "Squatchin", "Birdcrap" and "Vegans".

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Fervid, Uncouth, Callous & Kinky

Fervid, Uncouth, Callous & KinkyCreative Loafing calls it, "funny stories with a little attitude and a lot of punchlines" and Idaho Mountain Express describes his humor as "a rapid-fire and irreverent style that is often clever, sometimes wince-inducing, definitely adult audience level humor." You'll call it the funniest hour of your life. This brand new cd, recorded in Palm Harbor, FL includes the crowd favorites, "Tattooed", "Beaverz", "$5", "Dirty Talk" and "Choking". His most personal release to date!

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Mental Fornication

Mental FornicationSteve Sabo's hard-hitting 2011 release!
Fresh on the heels of 2009's highly successful "A Mouthful of Sea-Monkeys", the Caffeinated Voice of Reason is back and better than ever! This disc contains new modern classics such as "Girl Scout Cookies", "Bachelorette Parties" and "Reverse Cowgirl". This disc is a must for all fans of ranting, edgy, intelligent comedy. According to, "rapid-paced, assertive and brutally honest material... a hilarious and edgy cd."

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A Mouthful of Sea-Monkeys

A Mouthful of says, "The kind of comedy Steve Sabo does is smart adult audience comedy. Language is not a crutch to hide deficient material. When it comes to stand-up... he knows how to tell a story. He also has a talent for one-liners. Funny and original, even the fairly banal premise... is promising in Sabo's hands." Includes Sabo's classic bits, "Strippers and Strip Clubs", "GPMS", "Tea Bag and Snail Trail", etc.

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Banned From Wichita (retired)

Banned From Wichita (retired)Steve Sabo's second and most controversial CD to date! An hour's worth of live stand up, recorded in Bowling Green, Ohio and Livonia, Michigan. Edgy, honest and hilarious, this collection of all new material includes the instant classics, "Trojan Hooker", "SUVs and Camel Toes" and the bonus encore rant, never before heard on stage, and never to repeated on stage again! A must have for all true comedy collectors.

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Midgets, Cream Corn, and a Tub Full of Jello (retired)

Midgets, Cream Corn, and a Tub Full of Jello (retired)Steve Sabo's Debut CD!!!
Steve Sabo's CD, "Midgets, Cream Corn and a Tub Full of Jello" is now out of print. Nearly an hour of stand up material recorded live in Battle Creek, Michigan. With two additional bonus tracks, this CD will have you laughing for hours after the recording is over. Includes such classic bits as "Tequila", "Ranting and Raving" and "Dysfunctional".

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Mental Fornication (dvd)

Mental Fornication (dvd)Steve Sabo's first ever DVD! Professionally produced, four camera shoot in front of a live audience, Steve's debut dvd contains all the material on the cd of the same name, plus bonus features not on cd. For those who enjoy watching comedy, instead of just listening to it. Purchase this dvd and see why Steve is considered one of the top touring comedians in the nation. According to, "Quick witted everyman who's not afraid to be the butt of a joke, Sabo guides the audience on a journey of the world through his eyes."