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Peter Meter

Peter Meter"Finally, a penis enlargement kit for the financially challenged! Why spend hundreds of dollars on pills, or thousands of dollars on surgery, when you can get the same effect with a glow in the dark ruler that is truly only 2/3 scale? Finally-- be the man that you always wished you were!"

Losers In Love

Losers In LoveEver have a bad break up? Nothing makes you feel better about your life than reveling in others' misfortune. Steve has collected 100 Bad relationship stories from all 50 states - all are hilarious - all are true - and they're all guaranteed to make you feel better about your life!

Commercially Speaking

Commercially SpeakingEver watch a commercial and think they are selling sex instead of the product advertised? Ever hear a slogan, like "How many licks does it take to get to the center?" Or "So spreadable its incredible" or even "Finger licking good" and you're sure that they're selling sex? Well, that's what "Commercially Speaking" is all about. "Commercially Speaking" compiles over 400 common popular commercial slogans or jingles that seem to be talking about sex. Great for parties, coffee tables, bathrooms, or anywhere you need a good laugh!