Inside Joke Productions

Greetings and Salutations!

Welcome to the world of stand up comedy! Let's face facts - with the state that the world is in right now, everyone could use a good laugh. Comedy is an outlet for us to laugh at our faults and insecurities, instead of crying in our beers, or dwelling on things that we cannot change. Making light of serious (and not so serious) situations help us deal with them from a fresh perspective, solving life's problems with a smile on our faces and a chuckle in our hearts. No, stand up comedy can't help us solve ALL our problems, but those it can't solve it can help us forget, at least for a while.

If you are unfamiliar with what stand up comedy TRULY is, let me tell you that it is our last remaining pure art form. It is an exciting world of free speech, where personal convictions and political correctness do not apply. It's a world of immediate gratification, where in the blink of an eye you can illicit a response from hundred of individuals, the greatest experience any one person can encounter in their lifetimes. Comedians live and die on stage every day, and they are only as good as their last joke.

And America LOVES stand up comedy! Most of the top television shows are situation comedies starring former and current stand up comedians. Drew Carey, Ray Romano, Chris Rock, Dennis Miller, David Spade, Kevin James, and Bernie Mac all currently have hit shows on television, and all started out as stand up comedians. And who can forget the contribution to television made by stand up pioneers Jerry Seinfeld, Roseanne, Paul Reiser, Bill Cosby, Bob Newhart, and Ellen DeGeneres? How about some of our biggest movie stars? Eddie Murphy, Adam Sandler, Jim Carrey, Robin Williams, Steve Martin, Billy Crystal, Whoopee Goldberg, and even Michael Keaton honed their comedic skills on the stand up stage. Our next big stars are on stage right now, entertaining people just like you, in venues just like yours. These performers are making audiences laugh in their own unique and insightful ways. These future stars could be in your own establishment, entertaining your own clientele!

Sure, as entertainment choices go, you could always hire just another band, or bring in a DJ, or breakout the karaoke machine. You could follow the trend of other clubs and bars who are afraid to try something different. But everyone can do that, and they do. Plus, how many of these bands and other entertainers have national television credits? How many of them have been performing across the country for years, honing their skills in hundreds of different venues? Few, if any. Stand up comedy sets you apart from the crowd, makes you a trend setter instead of a follower, and brings a whole new world of paying customers in to your venue that would never have even considered stopping by. All for pretty much what you are paying now!

And the flexibility of a comedy show is its selling tool! It can occur on any night of the week, even on a previously slow night. It can occur at any time, on its own, as a special event, or earlier in the evening as an appetizer for other entertainment, such as karaoke or a DJ and dancing. It can be one night or multiple nights, once a week, twice a month, every month or just for special events. Either way, it is a special treat to your current patrons, and a definitive tool for bringing in brand new customers. It's money in the bank!!

Inside Joke Productions can provide the answers you are looking for to solve you entertainment needs. We will provide for you two professional comics (a feature and a headliner), most of which have national television credits and are recognizable to true comedy fans. These comics will perform for 1 1/2 to 2 hours, at a frequency of your own choosing. These are all professional acts living locally or nationally touring comics passing through on their way to entertain crowds in towns hundreds of miles away. These are the same comics that perform on television, in the movies, and on comedy stages all across the country. These are the same people who perform in the big cities and the big clubs- right in your own place of business! All you provide is a stage, a sound system and a spotlight - Inside Joke Productions takes care of the rest!