SO WE'RE INTERESTED - what do we do now

First off, let's go over the basic components that we need. First, we need a stage (or at least a stage area), and a seating area (with good sight lines to the stage) of at least 50 seats. The ideal seating area would between 100 and 150 seats to accommodate all the patrons who are going to want to see the show! You need a sound system with a microphone (a uni-directional microphone can be purchased at Radio Shack or Inside Joke Productions can help provide one for you), a cast -iron base microphone stand (also available at Radio Shack) and a spotlight or adequate lighting. Remember, seeing all the expressions on the performer's faces are very important! You will need staff to arrange tables and seat people, as well as check Ids and serve them drinks. You will need to find hotel rooms for the comics (Inside Joke Productions can instruct you on how to get discounted or even free hotel rooms to house the performers - often through trade out deals that also get more people in to see the shows!) Then you need to decide when you want the shows to occur, at what time, and what your cover charge is going to be. Then give us a call, and start spreading the word - it's comedy time! Your financial costs may differ based on the package that you choose (outlined later in this package), and all newspaper or radio advertising that you choose to participate in are your responsibility, but aside from that, you are ready to laugh!